Bartender Jaime Sommers struggles to make ends meet in San Francisco, California, while serving as a surrogate mom to her teenage sister. Jaime figures that her life couldn't get any more difficult, but she is terribly, terribly wrong. Nearly killed in a horrifying car accident, Jaime is saved by a cutting-edge operation -- performed by her boyfriend, Will Anthros -- that leaves her with extraordinary new strength, among other artificially enhanced gifts. Now, however, Jaime must figure out how best to use her new abilities while embracing her new bionic identity.

The website for the UK newspaper Daily Mail published photographs from the pilot film that reveal that in addition to a bionic ear, Sommers will receive a bionic eye like that of Steve Austin, along with her bionic legs and bionic right arm.[20] Clips from the pilot episode posted on the show's official preview webpage also reveal that she will have a bionic ear and be injected with nanomachines called "anthrocytes" that heal her body at an exponential rate.(

Well, I already watched episode one and i it look very promising.