Things to consider when buying a laptop

1. Portability

Of course you need a portable computer and use it anywhere and anytime. Then you best choice must be laptop not a desktop. The question
is what will you do with your laptop? Gaming? Entertainment or just need a laptop for doing your work or assignment. If you use your laptop
for your work or assignment maybe you will need to consider to buy a small one weighing less than 2.4 kg. Standard laptop (more than 2.4 kg) best used
for entertainment and other purposed.


Ouch!... this is most painful part. Laptop cost more and have less performance than desktop.You can actually buy two comparably equipped desktops for the price of one laptop. So, choose the laptop that suited for you.

3. Spec

As mentioned above, laptop have less performance than desktop that have same spec. You also need to consider the processor, RAM, hard disk space and also
other features (wireless, blue tooth, card reader etc)

4. Upgrade ability

Video card, sound card, LAN and other hardware installed at the same motherboard. So, if you want to upgrade or the component mentioned earlier damaged, y you might be need to change the motherboard. Really costly. Another option is used external hardware. External hardware such as DVD burner, hard disk etc
can be added to your laptop. Again, external device/hardware cost almost twice that internal device/hardware.

5. Serious Gaming.

Nah... if you want to use laptop for serious gaming, my advice, just forget it. Why?. Your laptop after 1-2 years will be not enough to catch up with the latest game.
So, take my advice and buy a desktop instead a laptop

6. Free gift

Haha.. not that important but if you buy a laptop you might get a lock, pen drive, voucher and if you luck enough... FREE FOOD! =)