Most people probably neglect their PC maintenance. Below is the list of maintenance that you could do for your PC:

1) Clean your hardware

Hardware such as keyboard, monitor and CPU need to be cleaned regularly. Clean your hardware from dust,any unwanted object etc. By doing this, it will improve your hardware performance and made your hardware look like brand new.

2) Clean your hard disk

Use window disk cleanup or other software to remove junk file, temporary file and other unwanted file. it will improve your hard disk performance. Also, don't forget to defrag your hard disk regularly

3) Improve your pc security

You can improve your PC security by update your anti virus program regularly. If possible, use third party firewall software such as Zone alarm. Virus and spyware are threat to PC. By improving PC security, Your PC will immune to these threat.

4) Remove unwanted shortcut and file

Remove unwanted shortcut in desktop so your desktop don't look messy. Also, remove any duplicate and any unwanted file to free up hard disk space.

These maintenance can be done easily and it up to you to do it.So, do it regularly