Did you know that only 5 species of rhino surviving on earth.Out of 5 species, The Sumatran, a.k.a. the hairy rhino, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, is probably the most endangered of all rhinoceros species. The Sumatran rhino population has declined rapidly over a few decade due to the poaching and loss of forest.Poachers, loggers put Sumatran rhino on brink of extinction. The fact is, there are less than 300 left.

The most valuable part from rhino probably from their horn. Rhino horns are usually pounded into a powder which can fetch hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah per ounce. Many believe that it can cure various illnesses and increase male virility. However, it did not scientifically proven. So, don't waste your money to buy this ridiculous stuff.