Hitachi has released the two camcorders that burn directly to Blu-ray disc. Both the DZ-BD7HA and the DZ-BD70A can record up to one hour of 1920x1080 Full HD video onto an 8cm Blu-ray Disc. The DZ-BD7HA is a hybrid, with the added benefit of a 30GB hard drive that can hold up to 4 hours of full HD video.

The cameras can capture and store 4.32-megapixel images to an SD card slot, and can grab any still frame of video and save it as a photo to the SD card slot at a 2-megapixel resolution. Both models allow video to be recorded in standard definition quality to DVD discs, but with its 30GB hard drive, the DZ-BD7HA also offers basic in-camera editing functions before burning to Blu-ray.

Both the DZ-BD7HA and the DZ-BD70A will be available around October 2007. The DZ-BD70A will retail at $1,300 and the DZ-BD7HA is priced at a $1,500.