Lots of people says that commenting other blog equal to free traffic. It might be work if your comment is really good enough. Your comment must be unique and encouraging other people to discuss further. Your comment will reflect your own credibility thus other people will respect you.

I will not discuss further on how to comment and bring the traffic to your site as you probbaly come across this topic before. In this post, I will talk about your blog comment. In order to encourage people comment on your post, here is the tips for you guys:

1. Post a topic that will lead to the discussion

Yes, it is. Many people said content is king. Try to post something that related to the current issue, something controversial or issue that currently in the blogosphere.

2. Give them back links

I have post up how to enable back links. Read it here. What is so important about back links? back links will give your comment a links back to their blog.

3. Respond every comment that they give you

Responding to the comment is other way to show your appreciation to their visit. simple as that.

That all for now. Hope it will help you.