I'm pretty sure that most of you know youtube right? Well, youtube is not only the online media site that allow you to upload your video or watch other person video. Most of the online media now have not only homemade video but also movie trailer, anime, tv drama and many more. Apart from youtube.com, I frequently get to watch my favourite show from these two online media site that is veoh.com and crunchyroll.com


The only downside of this online media site is you must install veoh client to download or watch any media offline. Other than that, it still a great online media site. Veoh client has the option that allow you to download and watch it offline. The download process slow but the video quality is great. Video that you downloaded is stored as avi format. Thousand of media out there, so check it out!


If you register with crunchyroll.com, you get to choose from 3 different video quality that is low quality, high quality and hi-def. The "high quality" video size is bigger that low quality one (still in the flv format) meanwhile the "hi-def" video in mov format. The video quality isn't great from veoh.com but you only need to register and no client needed to download them.

There are many online media site out there and I personally like them. Visit these two site for more information.