ScribeFire QuickAds is the first service to enable publishers to serve both optimized banners and in-text ads on their sites via a single platform. QuickAds greatly simplifies ad inventory management with a powerful optimization decision engine, which matches each impression with the highest revenue producing ad.

Ads are selected from their ad inventory pool, which is fueled by their experienced sales team and relationships with over 100 ad networks. QuickAd's advanced in-text advertising solution guarantees site publishers the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords, and ads

Easy Point and Click Functionality

Point and click ads directly into your blog without adding a single line of code to your site

Sales Support

Leverage our direct sales team to represent your site to agencies and leading direct advertisers

Comprehensive Reporting

Access a single, all-inclusive dashboard to track all of your site’s earnings

Lightning Fast Net Payout Terms

Get paid on the 7th of the month for your previous month’s earnings; A small monthly minimum payout of just $5