Now days, parents have a lot worry about, especially when it comes to the their children internet activity. Internet these day are widely used. A lot of information can be accessed just with one click.

Your children might be browsing internet for their assignment, online games or worst, porn. This kind of thing that parents want to avoid. You can track their surfing history or check their search history ( i will post on this later) but children now days are smart. They can clean their track by privacy protection software. Just simple as that.

To counter this problem, many parent turn them self to parental-control software like NetNanny or Safe Eyes. You may install these software in your children computer but as i told you before, internet can be accessed everywhere for instance, cyber cafe.

We can't totally blame them because it is their nature. As they grow up to teenager ( i think it between 13-18 years old), their curiosity about sex begin to develop. At this stage, parent involved are important. Parent should educate their children about sex. I think this is better way compared to the parental-control software.

For parent out there, if you have any experience with these, please, share with us