In the last post, I have talked about computer virus and how it can affect computer. In this post, I will talked about how to prevent it. The method are simple and it required little or none technical skill ( I'm not a person who have technical skill). So, I use the technique that seem to very simple, but yet, other seem to neglect it.

Update Your Antivirus

Yes, I know that many have installed anti virus but how many updated it? Updating anti virus definition are good move indeed as it will help to detect new virus and Trojan. I don't know what anti virus worked best but I do know that installing anti virus reduce the risk to get infected. I use the free one, AVG free.

Install Third Party Firewall.

Firewall like Zone Alarm, help you a lot. Take for example, when you want to installing or uninstalling program, it ask admin permission first. Same rules apply when unknown program want to run without admin permission. You can block them. Most of the virus will try to change the system registry and the firewall program will block them thus reducing the risk.

Check Your Pendrive or E-mel

E-mel or Pendrive sometimes carry suspicious file especially file with "exe" extension. Take for example that you receive picture via the emel but the extension of the is "exe" and not the usual extension (jpg, bmp, gif), don't download it. Scan the e-mel or pendrive for the virus. It's a good habit.

Back Up Your System Regularly

Xp have a very useful program that is system restore (start>program>accessories>system tools>system restore). It will restore the system to the previous back up. So, if you fail to get rid virus, use it. Restore you the XP from previous state and run the anti virus scan again. It help a lot.

That all for now. Hope it will help you to prevent the virus from infecting your computer.