11 September 2007, that when i start blogging. Started my blog with alexa rank around 9,000,000 but now my Alexa rank is 2,425,468. Still got a long way to go. Back then, I do a lot of searching and read other blog to find a way to drive a traffic to my blog, thus make it visible. Althought my blog still very young (less than 2 month), I get around 20 visitor per day. I think it pretty good considering I don't have much time to write article for my blog.

In the less 2 month, I found several way to make your blog visible, thus driving traffic to your blog. Below is the list of community that i joined in the past 2 month. I hope it will benefit you some way around.

My Blog Log

This is the first community that I join shortly after start blogging. It is like friendster whereby you can add friend and have your own community. The trick is, when you join My Blog Log, add as many friend that you can. Visit their blog and if possible say hi to them a leave a comment in their blog. In this way, the blog owner might be visiting your blog back. When someone visit your profile or blog, thank them by leaving a message with a link to your website. This help to promote your blog.

Blog Catalog

It is same as My Blog Log but you can review their blog and rate it. The tips is same as in what i did in My Blog Log. Only the different is, you review other blog and rate it. Give a good review and rate so the owner of the blog will review your blog back. Good rate and review are essential toward building a good relationship with other.


The tips is fave other blog especially the new one and it increased the chance for other to fave your blog back. I don't have enough time to do so. As a result, my authority point is lower. Other way to increase the point is post common topic. I have experiment it and managed to increase my point from 9 to 11. Take a look on my post about a new bleach game. Shortly after that i found my point increased. I also found that there are several blog reaction on my technorati page. So, posting the same topic will have the chance to increase your point. Don’t forget, add as many friends that you could.

Stumble Upon.

Another great community to drive traffic to your blog. Add as many friend and stumble his favorite. If you have spare time, stumble other favourite and if possible, write a good review. A good review will help you in promoting your blog. Also, install a stumble Upon toolbar. It is easy to stumble other favorite and of course, your favorite too. Select your best post and stumble it, so your friend can notice your blog.

I hope this tips will help you in your blogging.