You have a blog and want to track your visitor? can provide you with an extensive data about your visitor. I am writing this up not because I getting paid or anything, just i am using it right now to track my blog visitor. Tested and very satisfied with the result. So, let jump straight to the website. Visit demo

There are two bar graphs. One showing how much visitor in a day and other in one month. As you can see, it displays page view, visitor and other stat in the table manner. Straight and easy. I think the most useful information comes from the pie chart. It display how much visitor come from referrer (website, search engine and no referrer). Visitor come from the search engine referrer can tell you how much visitor found your blog Thought search engine. This mean one things, that is your ranking in search engine and also of course, visitor found this site via search enginne. From my view, many visitors (about 75%) come from the search engine. Let skip it from now as you can experience it when you registering yourself in.

So, after you in, get your counter stat. You cannot see my counter stat because I choose invisible counter. There are many counter stats to choose from and so, choose it wisely. Counter stat will provide you real-time traffic in your blog. So if you choose counter that display the how much page view, you and the visitor will know. It up to you to choose what suitable for your blog.

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