Have you ever came across in the situation when your didn't have completely idea what to post in your blog?. One key factor that drive traffic in your blog is of course, your content. It also hard to make a unique content that will help you attract more visitor and royal reader for your blog. I will share with you how to get an idea for your content in your blog. I usually do this when I have no idea what to post. So, let's start!

1. Read Magazine

What to read depend on your blog. For example, my blog is mainly about computer and technology. Usually I choose to read PC Mag, PC Gamer and other magazine that related to the computer and technology. The things is, it give some idea or inspired me to post something that related to the article that I read. Of course, you cannot copy and paste them all. Just do a little search on the web and start writing. I already have done this and it work.

2. Read Other Blog

Read other blog also can give an idea what to post in your blog. Read other blog that have similar interest with your blog. For instance I occasionally read gadget blog or tech news to get some idea for my post.

3. Have a Good Conversation

Sometimes, it good to have a conversation with your family and friends. Good conversation will help you to gain some idea for your post. If you cannot get idea for your post in this way, you still get benefit. It will encourage you continue blogging because they will support you some way around.

4. Join Community and Chatting Group

Community like Yahoo Answer provide you a really useful idea what to post. Take a look around people problem and try to solve it. Those problem and answer would give you some good idea. If you like chatting, try engaging more encouraging topic. A good topic can lead to a very good conversation and thus bringing some new idea to you.

Well, that end up my hat-trick for my blogging tips. My other topic on blogging tips:

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